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Cannabis Technology Landscape—Bridging the Gap with Analytics

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How Successful Are Healthcare Organizations With Clinical Analytics?

Despite only recently witnessing mainstream acceptance, the cannabis market has seen unprecedented growth—and alongside it, the emergence of a surplus of new industry-specific tools and software. As a result, the industry is beginning to look more and more like other established retail operations.

However, despite the abundance of newly available digital platforms, many businesses are still struggling to navigate their cannatech software stack and implement solutions that properly address their specific needs and long-term strategies. On top of this, incongruencies in legal status between different municipalities means a one-size-fits-all approach to market won’t cut it.

As with any modern industry, an optimized and coordinated technology stack is key for any cannabis cultivator, distributor, or retailer looking to realize their business’s potential. And at the epicenter of that stack is a fully integrated and comprehensive analytics platform capable of providing powerful data governance and detailed analysis.